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Social Diggers is what we call our research team. They have two very important tasks:

  1. Digging the internet and local directories to build a database of Plowers. Plowers are those working day to day to bring stability to the country like orphanages, not for profits, and church organizations.
  2. Identifying the needs of our Plowers and sending those needs to our team of Social Planters.


Social Planters is our name for our Creative writing team. These are experts at getting the word out. They write articles which define the need of our Plowers. We then plant the needs by sharing them on Facebook, twitter, instagram, google plus, pinterest and other social media outlets including www.YouthForHaiti.org


Social Harvesters have two very important jobs:

  1. First they work to build a database of relevant businesses and individuals we call Sowers based on the needs of our Plowers.
  2. Then they continually share those needs with our database of Sowers until they connect the need to the proper resource.

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