Mission Vision

Only 600 miles from the southern tip of Florida sits a nation in ruin. After years of political unrest, earthquakes and storms devastated the country for the better part of a year. On January 12, 2010 a magnitude 7.0 earthquakehit the country killing between 50,000 and 315,000 people. 8 days later, while the country was still assessing the damage from this and several massive aftershocks another earthquake with a magnitude of 6.1 shook the small, already destroyed country. What followed was the most awful cholera epidemic of our time as the country’s masses took to tent cities without proper shelter, food and water. Everywhere you turn is more filth, sickness and destruction.

So close to our country’s beach front paradises sitsdestruction and death. While we swim in pool at the resort or lie on the beach snap chatting with our friends, 600 miles away a Haitian 3 year old bathes in a public street culvert where others urinate.

It’s time to put our skills to work. Teenagers have skills! Too often we use those skills for mind numbing activities like checking out our friend burrito post on facebook. So much need in the world and we spend our time blogging, posting tweeting, instagramming about… NOTHING! Well, consider that relevant experience for YouthForHaiti positions. We take all of that great experience and use it for good. We call ourselves Social Farmers. We each come with different talents and we use those talents to change the world. Let’s say an orphanage in Haiti needs 100 toothbrushes. Seems easy enough, right? Maybe not. What if the right people don’t know about the need? What if no one connects the need to the proper resources?

Our mission is to Dig for the needs, Plant the information all over the internet and harvest resources to fill the need.

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